Since the emergence of GSM and convergence of internet services, telecommunication services has the been the alternative of everyone to deliver on their daily activities. Telecom industry has created a lot of businesses and opportunities to the society. Without telecom services we wouldn't have enjoyed the flexibility of doing our business as it is today. It is rarely nowadays to see someone stranded as a result of unemployment while one can start online marketing of services or products online with just phone and data without paying any rent but making money everyday.

Interestingly is our entertainment industry which was before now regarded as just to make fun but today, it has become almost the richest industry in the world. Telecom has empowered and exposed the talent of our our youths profitably worldwide. People are earning money in dollars by simply development any thing that can draw traffic on social media. This confirms the saying that the wise decision in this century is to plan your future in telecom as no pandemic or crisis can stop communication or online services.


It is not disputable when data is described as the oxygen of every business while every daily activity cannot be completed without internet access and connections. Every sector including Banks, Schools, Hospitals, Library, Ministries, Churches, Traders, Transportation Companies, Delivery services, Hotels, Legal Profession, Estate Management, Comedians, Entertainment Industries, Security, Construction Companies, Media Companies, Manufacturing Companies, IT and Agriculture to mention just a few. Over 99.9% of daily business activities cannot be completed successfully and on time without an internet connection.


  • Opportunity

    We desired of providing job opportunities and empowerment to the society by engaging our youths to employment and business opportunities to reduce unemployment challenges in the society. We have engaged over 1500 youths in employment and trading on our products and services. We train our employees and trade partners on business skills to take advantage of the leading business opportunities in telecom.

  • Partnership

    Being mindful of the large untapped market of telecommunication business in Nigeria and rapid growth of Data Bundle subscribers across the country on daily basis, we have proactively opened the doors of partnership for Distributors, Sales Agents, Vendors including our exclusive subscription plans for our customers such Zenith Plan, Basic Plan, Campus Plan, GetJob Plan. These exclusive plans are initiated by us to serve our customers and partners better. Our projection is to establish Data Bundle Distributors and Sales Agents across every community in Nigeria.

  • Competence

    We work with competent professionals that has wide knowledge and ability to deliver on accountability, sales and marketing, administration and security. Team work and collaboration of experts is a life wire of success in every organisation and we are second to none in comparison to our competitors.

  • Market Share and Projection

    We have gained penetration in many cities and States in Nigeria through our robust and efficient trading websites and Apps for vending Airtime and Data with ease. We have engaged trade partners and sales agents across the country and we keep engaging as telecom market in Nigeria is very large. Our projection is to establish Point of Sales in every community in Nigeria to enable our people have access to quality services and affordable products in their areas.

  • Experience

    We can agree the saying that expirence is the best teacher because the unpleasant experiences we have encountered in different areas of our business has contributed to our stability and efficiency in our operations currently. The expirence we had in the past really cost us materials values and assets but in return, we have gained a lot of knowledge, wisdom and maturity to achieve a high level of standard in our operations.